Apostolic Action

We are Americans!  By birth, or by naturalization, or by desire, we claim our Independence, our Freedom, from all the forces of Anarchy and Tyranny that would rob us of our Inalienable Rights.  Paramount among our Inalienable Rights are the Right to Life, the Right to Liberty, and the Right to Pursue Happiness.  We claim these and all the Rights granted us by our Creator.  Although we may differ in our understanding of the What and Who, we believe in the One and Only Creator of all that was brought into being - the Author and Guarantor of all our authentic Freedom and Rights. In this sense we are a Religious People.


We are Americans!  We are as Passionate about America, Home of the Free, as were the Founders of America - who paid dearly for that Freedom.  We will be just as Courageous as they were in defending this Land of the Brave - our founding values, principles and precepts, our Freedom and all our Rights!  Although we are Patriotic, we are not Nationalistic.  In order to protect ourselves from would be Anarchists, we embrace the philosophical principle of Human Solidarity - and we long for the day when people everywhere will enjoy the Freedom and Rights that the Founders of America claimed for us - and for all.  In order to protect our Freedom and Rights from would be Tyrants, we embrace and promote the philosophical principle of Subsidiarity.


Although we may worship the Creator in different ways, we honor the Founders of America by accepting, as they did, that this experiment in Democracy, established in the form of a Republic, can only be sustained by a Moral People. As recorded in primary sources and confirmed in Supreme Court decisions, we understand that America was established as a Christian Nation - one which is tolerant of all authentic religions.  Accordingly, we accept the Biblical Ten Commandments and the Law of Love (John 13: 34-35), taken together, as permanent grounding for American Morality - and for Civil and Criminal Law. 


We are Americans!  We accept America as a Sacred Trust!  We will defend the Freedom and Rights enumerated in our Founding Documents.


Let those who oppose America, from within or without, be forewarned.  Where there is darkness we seek to bring light.  Where there is coldness, we seek to bring heat.  We seek Real Peace, through Authentic Justice, based on Objective Truth, by way of Sincere and Sacrificial Love.


Christopher Blaze 08/21/12

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